AUG 28th, 29th, & 30th | 8am-2pm

17164 Prado Pl San Diego, CA 92128

Everybody’s been waiting the follow-up of last year’s fabulous Winona sale… this is it!, come join us for a fantastic stroll through art’s history, embodied in a colossal collection of anything you can imagine: Crystal, Ceramics, Paintings, Rugs, China sets, Figurines, Lamps, Furniture, Silk Scrolls, Cloisonné, Cinnabar, Carvings, Fans, Mantle clocks, Busts, Pedestals, Purses, Display cases, Tapestry, Cameras, Panel screens, Jewelry, Flatware, Stoneware, Snuffboxes, Asian Musical Instruments and lots more.
This celebration of world art is so big it will be held in two different weekends, the first one mainly focused on Chinese, Tibetan, Egyptian and Native American Art.

It all starts with a gleaming 1904 Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano, often referred to by musicians as “the perfect piano”; it is also the perfect opportunity to possess your very own blend of decoration, musical instrument and family heirloom.
Other notables are the Mother of pearl inlaid rosewood furniture, a crystal decanter collection, Watcombe Turquay terra-cotta figures, jade and marble pieces, soapstone figurines, hundred boys vase, 1800’s Chinese flower vase, Osaka brass cloisonné, Takao vase, vintage Tibetan statue, old Chinese wood panel silk painted screen… too much to list; the photographs will give you a glimpse of this enormous treasure chest.

While most items are antique or vintage, you will also find more modern or contemporary objects d’art from:

  • Lalique
  • Lladró
  • Rosenthal
  • Royal Copenhagen
  • Nina Ricci
  • Louis Vuittone
  • Capodimonte

Come and spend three delightful days strolling through the art of yesterday and your chance to own it. You won’t be disappointed.

Another amazing True Legacy Estate Sale!